Cosmetic Manufacturer Wireless Support

A customer who we maintain hand held terminals for asked if we could help with a few wireless issues they were having. They had a wide range of issues and requested and engineer on-site.

After a full day onsite we found the following issues:-

  • 1 AP that would randomly allow connections and then switch off; POE issue.
  • 1 AP that had very very poor range – Internal antennas used externally.
  • Dead areas in their new warehouse.
  • No wireless within an external storage area.
  • Misaligned Antennas.
  • Poor Placement of AP’s

The site was split across multiple adjacent warehouses that they had purchased when they became available.  The new warehouse wireless was being controlled via a Motorola Controller; it was advised to use this controller to add additional AP’s to fill the dead areas, external storage areas and the poor range external AP. All other issues were dealt with easily.

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