Electronics Manufacturer Wireless Health Check

A customer of one of our value added re-sellers requested and engineer on site to investigate wireless issues they weer experiencing.

The engineer arrived on-site and began the investigation; BIAS were not the first company to investigate this problem , but the third. A full day of testing highlighted a few problems:-

  • 3 External AP’s were missing their antennas.
  • The wide aisle storage area had poor coverage at the center of the aisles.
  • A missing AP (due to a previous cable fault) meant the criteria supplied by the customer could not be met.

The engineer handed over a few spare antennas in order to help with some of the dead spots.

The plan of work to be carried out consisted of using the two spare AP’s that the customer had, fitting 1 where it was required and 1 in the wide aisles (new cables would be required), swapping some around (internal and external antenna types) and supplying/fitting directional antennas.


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