Garden Center Damaged Fibre Link

The customer was reporting serious wireless problems within the rear plant area and wholesale collection points. This caused serious problems and delays booking stock off direct to customers.

It was found that whilst creating a new area for shed sales a metal fence was removed, however a fiber link was run attached to this fence. The testing of the fiber found it to be non functioning so there was no connectivity between the remote and main network cabinets. This caused a problem as the remote cabinet still had access points associated to it which were standalone. Stock control equipment could still associate to them, but they had no way to communicate to the server.

The AP’s associated with the remote cabinet were switch off so as to not cause problems and a temporary AP fitted to the corner of a building as close to the plant/wholesale area as possible. This gave some coverage to this area but it was not adequate. The site was left in this state to come up with a better solution.

On the next visit bridge AP was fitted by the remote cabinet and one also replaced the temporary AP. With specialized Yagi antennas a wireless bridge link was successfully created with the bridge also set to AP mode. This meant that as well as creating a link to the remote cabinet effectively replacing the fiber link stock control equipment could associate to this link. With this configuration and the previously switch off AP’s brought back online the wireless coverage exceeded the previous coverage, by extended it further into the wholesale area which had never had coverage.

A very successful repair to a problem.

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