Garden Center Wireless Repair

The customer was complaining of dead spots after a canopy had been installed covering part of  the building.

On inspection it was found that during the building of the canopy an external IP65 cabinet containing an AP was removed as it fouled one of the main supports. Unfortunately the cabinet was no longer available and the cables supplying this cabinet had also been cut.

The cables were found, repaired, tested and a pull cable left in situ if for when the cabinet was to be replaced.  Another standalone AP was located nearby, but was no longer functioning. This was down to it’s POE injected being located too close to a external doorway and liquid had caused damage. This was replaced and the area tested. This AP was then set to mesh mode in order to link two networks together and supply coverage for the effected area caused by the missing AP.

After successful testing the dead spots had been removed.

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