Garden Center Wireless

BIAS had previously been to site and found that there were two main faults with the wireless covering the plant area.

The first one of the AP’s had been liquid damaged and no longer function and that the external directional antennas were also liquid damaged and had very poor range. Another local AP should have been connected to a controller, but the connection back to the main office area had been severed previously; they now had a ADSL connection back to the main head office. The suggestion was to replace all AP’s with standalone versions.

The two AP’s with directional antennas were replaced with Motorola AP-6521E-60010-EU and high powered patch antennas. Due to the beam pattern and height of the antennas there would be a dead area around the building. This would be filled by using a Motorola AP-6521E-60010-EU with in built antennas.

Once fitted the AP’s were configured and tested with the customers hand held terminals.  Coverage was perfect in every corner of the plant area.

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