High Street Retail DC Wireless Health Check

An engineer was requested on site to investigate issues after the site had undergone network switch upgrade. Users were reporting problems within the dispatch area and bulk store.

The bulk store was found to have a number of issues. The first being newly fitted air conditioning units obstructing the AP’s external antennas. New antennas were fitted with longer cables in order for them to be fitted in front the units. Two other AP’s were found to be faulty. One was swapped at the time and the other was sent up later all ready tested, configured and was fitted by the site engineer.

The dispatch area showed any signs of wireless drop out. The AP’s were tested numerous times throughout the day with no problems. It was then found that it could be down to the terminals. Three fully tested and configured terminals were sent to site to test this theory. After this proved conclusively that this was this issue the entire batch of dispatch terminals was swapped out and the site had a refresh of antennas and batteries.

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