High Street Retail DC Wireless Upgrade

The company had always had an issue within their large bulk store, it was first highlighted back in 2012 when we did our first survey, but the need for full coverage was never required until recently.

The need for a new survey was not required as the work had already been done, but a plan of action and hardware was required. The customer had there own preferred cabling company so with that in mind we worked with them in order to cable and fit the AP’s at the same time. In fact they suggested that they could fit the AP’s a the same time. All that was needed was BIAS to configure the AP’s and commission the AP’s when completed.

The cabling took longer than anticipated so BIAS came to site on the final day to lend a hand and get the job done. All work was done and commissioned on time even though the network VLAN configuration needed some tweaking to get the data routed to the correct server.

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