High Street Retailer Service Review Meeting

With all the repair data available to Bias technology Ltd service review meetings are an essential part of the management and due diligence process. In this case the repair of the the current very old hand held terminals was becoming very expensive and downtime, poor availability and slow response was impacting the end users own processes.

A very unique opportunity had arisen where the second hand market had been flooded with  hand terminals of a particular configuration that would fit perfectly within their distribution centers and they could use the current maintenance budget to purchase; the only cost to the end user we suggested would be brand new batteries.

The entire scenario helped both companies as the rising rate of repair and more expensive parts of the current would aid Bias and the end customer would have their fleet replaced for a minimal amount of outlay. Both parties agreed and Bias bought a rather large amount of terminals and started the refurbishment process.

The end user split the allocated terminals into departments and priority for replacement; this would give Bias goals and quantities to work to.

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