Battery Management

The battery of any handheld terminal, mobile computer or portable data terminal is the most important source of power, that is why here at BIAS we’ve implemented a Battery Management Scheme.

To many users of mobile barcoding equipment are changing batteries two or three times a shift, when one battery should be lasting the entire shift.

We have dedicated equipment to be able to test the power output, amount of charge the battery can hold as well as the rate in which the battery loses its charge.

Each battery’s results are compared to our own results from a new battery of the same type. This way we can see if your battery is performing like a new one, or if its seen better days.


Follow the 3 below steps to start regaining power with your barcoding equipment.


BIAS Low Battery

Step One

Identify all the batteries where you are having an issue with them lasting a few minutes rather than hours, or would just like them to have a health check.

Then fill in our Online RMA and ship them into BIAS.

BIAS Medium Battery

Step Two

We receive your package containing the troublesome batteries and then get them tested using our dedicated battery testing equipment.

We will then inform you of the quantity of batteries that are at their end of life and the ones which are still operational.

BIAS New Battery

Step Three

We are then able to provide a competitive quotation to replace the faulty batteries, bringing the power of your entire fleet back up to the levels of when you first purchased them.

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