Clean Care

Whatever the size of your company, the BIAS Technology CleanCare programme is available, and once you’ve seen your equipment cleaned to our extremely high standards you will be wondering what else you can send us.


CleanCare is ideal for:-

  • Barcode Scanners & Readers
  • Barcode Verifiers
  • PDAs & Handheld Computers
  • Barcode Label Printers
  • Portable Printers
  • Receipt Printers
  • EPOS Terminals
  • RFID Equipment
  • Smart Card Readers
  • GPS & Sat Navigation
  • Electronic equipment in general

Key Beliefs

  • Keyboards feel better, sticky keys work
  • Battery Contact cleaning improves power supply reliability.
  • Communication Port Contact cleaning improved communication reliability.
  • Imager, Laser and IRDA window cleaning improves respective operation.
  • Display screens are cleaner and crisper
  • An improved image for your staff, clients and the general public.
  • Greater reliability of equipment.
  • More Hygienic, making the spreading of illness less likely.


The expert and meticulous BIAS CleanCare service will increase longevity and functionality, not having equipment

cleaned will result in a higher number of failures and a shorter practical existence.

Besides the practical issues related to having your equipment cleaned, sanitation is especially important to reduce the spread of germs by cross contamination.

Why not use our own staff?

All BIAS Technology staff are fully trained to clean electronic equipment thoroughly and without damage. Are your staff employed to perform the work of an entirely different nature – will they undertake cleaning tasks without proper tools and equipment? Should your staff be instructed to clean their equipment, would they be bothered to clean it properly? When will they find time to do it? What happens if one of your staff breaks something during cleaning? These questions only you can answer!!

It can’t be under-estimated just how important your computer equipment is, any downtime at all is not only financially devastating but it reflects poorly on your business. Regular cleansing of your electrical equipment can reduce the impact to your business.

So whether it’s ongoing support or a one off clean it has to be BIAS CleanCare.

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