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Service & Repairs

We understand how both resellers and end users are wanting to keep their Motorola / Symbol data capture equipment in service for longer, that is why at BIAS we offer several competitive repair options such as, Return To Base (RTB) Repairs, Advanced Exchange (Hot Swap) Repairs, Fixed Price Repairs, Pre-Paid Voucher Repairs and Software Load & Configuration pricing. Click HERE to find out more.

If you have a damaged  Motorola barcode scanner / Symbol terminal and would like to send it into BIAS for a FREE EVALUATION please click HERE.


BIAS is an expert systems integrator of supply chain automation and inventory management solutions and we always deliver an impressive Return On Investment (ROI) to all of our customers. We have a portfolio ranging from warehouse management systems (WMS) and small stock taking applications to our very own Gateway to keep a live record of all repairs at our service centre. Click HERE to find out more. Whether you need a handheld scanner for a POS (Point of Sale) system or for logging inventory in a warehouse we have the perfect solution for you.
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About Motorola Barcode Scanners

Motorola provides users with industry-leading data capture devices which come in all shapes and sizes, their barcode scanners come fully equipped with both image and laser scanning technology, this allows for linear barcodes and QR codes to be read correctly. Two of their most popular barcode scanners on the market are the MC9190-G and MC92N0.

Products We Support

If you cant find your barcode scanner model in the lists below please give us a call and we will assist you promptly.

Mobile Computers

LRT3800 MC9060
LRT3840 MC9062
MC1000 MC9063
MC17XX MC9090G
MC2004 MC9090K
MC3000 MC9090S
MC3070 MC9097
MC3090 MC9500
MC31XX MK1100
MC35XX MK1200
MC50 PST6810
MC5040 RS309
MC55 RS409
MC7094 SPT1500
MC7095 SPT1550
MC70XX SPT1700
MC7596 SPT1740
MC75A SPT1800
MC9000 SPT1846
MC9002 WSS10XX
MC9050 WT4090
RS419 RS509
ES400 ES405

Handheld Barcode Scanners

LDT3800 LDT3805  LRT38XX
LS1000  LS1004  LS1006
 LS1203 LS1220 LS1900
 LS1902  LS1908  LS2000
LS2010 LS2016 LS2020
 LS2080 LS2100  LS2104
 LS2208  LS2501 LS3000
 LS3008  LS3020 LS3070
LS3200  LS3200  LS3203ER
 LS3408  LS3478  LS3578
 LS3603  LS4000 LS4004
 LS4005 LS4006 LS4008i
 LS407X LS4208  LS4278
 LS4800  LS4804  LS5700
 LS6004  LS6005  LS7000
 LS7708 LS7808  LS8500
 LS9100  LS9203  LS9208
 LT1800  LT1804 LT1806
 LT1880 M2000  M2004
 P302  P360  P370
P460  P470 PL370
PL470 PTC610 RL470
 RL471  RL474 RL475
RS1  SPT1550  SPT1700
 SPT1800  DS3407 DS3408
 DS3478 DS6607  DS6608
 DS6700 DS9808  P300STD
 P302FZY P304  P304PRO

Portable Data Terminals (PDT)

PDT3100 PDT3110
PDT3140 PDT3142
PDT3146 PDT3300
PDT3310 PDT3500
PDT3510 PDT3540
PDT6100 PDT6140
PDT6142 PDT6146
PDT6800 PDT6840
PDT6842 PDT6845
PDT6846 PDT7542
PDT7546 PDT8100

Pocket PC Terminals

PPT2700 PPT2800
PPT2833 PPT2837
PPT2842 PPT2846
PPT8800 PPT8846

Vehicle Mounted Computers

VRC3910 VRC3940
VRC5090 VRC6940
VRC6942 VRC7942
VRC7946 VRC8942
VRC8946 VC5090

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