Motorola MC9190

The Motorola MC9190-G is the latest instalment in this incredible model range, with a sturdy design, more processing power, a higher quality display, better scanning performance and more scanning options available this is the perfect product to help boost worker efficiency even in harsh environments. As the Motorola MC9190-G features the very latest scanning technology you can rest assure it will provide you with split-second scanning capabilities for a wide range of barcodes regardless of their condition. Click Here to Find Out How BIAS Technology Can Help Your BusinessThe phenomenal 2D imager engines present in this barcode scanner allow it to process 1D and 2D barcodes along with DPM (Direct Park Marking), simple omnidirectional scanning is one of the many bonuses on offer with this scanner. The point and shoot simplicity of this barcode scanner makes performing a stock check on items high up on shelves a simple task, the high-resolution screen has a strong backlight that provides you with a clear display no matter the lighting conditions. Improved processing power and internal memory allow you to provide your employees with a familiar level of application performance that they would expect to have on a desktop computer. If upgrading your current barcode scanners is a headache then please bear in mind that the MC9190-G is fully compatible with any existing MC9000 series accessories which makes this is a cost-effective solution for upgrading your mobile computers. The design of the MC9190-G still very much passes the same toughness tests as the previous models, this means that it has adequate protection from heat, cold, micro particles such as dust and even liquids. It has been designed to withstand the harshest warehouse environments that it may often find itself in. It’s a jack of all trades barcode scanner that works well under pressure even when running applications which operate poorly through a WLAN.

Motorola MC9190-G

New Scanning Technology

Not only can the SE4600 scanner pick up damaged barcodes that are either 1-D or 2-D but it also has an incredible range that will pick up bar codes as close as 8 inches (20.32cm) or up to 30 feet away (9.14m), this range is applicable in any lighting condition which means you don’t need to have special reflective label stock for your products. The MC9190-G can use these other four scanners as well as the SE4600:


This scanner is very much a general purpose 2-D imager which will provide you with the optimal range and performance for low to medium density 1D and 2D bar codes.


This scanner is optimised for use with medium to high-density bar codes as well as scanning the barcode on a driver’s licence or other identification documents, this makes it perfect for company’s that deal with border crossing, are in the healthcare industry or work in the electronics industry.


This scanner model has been specifically designed for use with very high-density barcodes alongside any type of DPM (Direct Part Mark), this includes but is not limited to:

  • Laser Etch
  • Ink Mark
  • Chemical Etch
  • InkjetMold
  • Cast
  • Thermal Spray
This is the ideal scanner to use on your Motorola MC9190 if you work within the automotive or aeronautics industry as you can efficiently track every part that your process to ensure it meets the appropriate requirements.

SE960 + SE1524

If your industry only requires you to have a barcode scanner that can scan 1-D bar codes then there are two scanner models which will suit your needs, the SE960 and SE1524. SE960 – This scanner has been designed for short to mid-range scanning of 1-D barcodes SE1524 – This scanner has been designed for capturing and scanning 1-D codes at a long range of up to 45 ft (13.72m) away.

Sturdy Design

The MC9000 series is renowned for its sturdy and rugged design that makes it perfectly capable of withstanding the harshest commercial environments, it has even withstood 2,000 consecutive tumbles in a rotating tumble drum. The touchscreen of the Motorola mc9190-G has been reinforced to improve the durability of one of the most vulnerable elements on this barcode scanner. The scanner exit window has also been reinforced with Gorilla glass which is a specialised brand of toughened glass that is also environmentally friendly. The Gorilla glass also protects it from everyday bumps and drops without any shattering or scratching, if it does get scratched then the chemical reinforcement will make near enough invisible.

Government-Grade Security

Whenever you introduce a wireless solution to a business or government agency then you immediately create a potential risk to data security. Along with the expected support for all of the latest wireless authentication and encryption protocols, the MC9190-G also comes equipped with FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certification. This essentially is adding government grade security to the data you are transferring when using this barcode scanner. While normally this level of encryption would impact performance, this is not the case for the Motorola MC9190-G which is consistent in the processing power it offers.

Real-Time Tracking

If you’ve often noticed that your barcode scanners are misplaced and lost within your warehouse then we strongly recommend upgrading to the MC9190-G. The reason is quite simple, if you have integrated RFID technology into your business then you can very simply keep track of these mobile computers without very much effort at all. Once these scanners arrive at your facility they will be trackable which means there will be no more cases or lost devices.
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How BIAS Technology Can Help

At BIAS technology we understand how barcode scanners can revolutionise a business and improve its efficiency ten-fold, however, there are often large upfront costs which prevent many small to medium sized businesses in acquiring these products. If the Motorola MC9190-G is not the right scanner for you then why not browse through our catalogue of rentable barcode scanners, prices start from as low as £4.95 per day excluding VAT. That’s why we offer a range of bespoke and affordable barcode scanner rental options, for more information please feel free to give us a call on 01202 620955 or send us an e-mail at

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