New BGA Rework Station

As PCB’s (Printed Circuit Board) and electronics are becoming advanced in speed, size and specification, BIAS Technology have invested in a brand new BGA (Ball Grid Array) Rework Station giving us the expert equipment required when completing expert repairs.

An IC (Integrated Circuit) component can have the conductive contacts on the edge of the IC or underneath, when the contacts are underneath the IC its referred to as a BGA IC. (As seen below)

– Posted By O.Warren in BIAS News

All manufacturers in the barcoding industry use BGA IC components within their barcode readers, mobile computers and barcode printers, and as part of our cost effective repair processes we’re required to be able to complete component level repairs on these BGA chips.

Its proven that our customers are happier and more satisfied knowing we didn’t replace a whole Main CPU (Central Processing Unit) Board because we didn’t have the facility to replace a single component, they know the £600+ CPU Board has been repaired to leading industry standards.

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