Emergency Wireless Call Out – October 2019

Posted by on Oct 22, 2019 in BIAS Technology News

BIAS were informed of a complete failure of the
wireless infrastructure at a high street retailers main distribution centre. It
was after a main power outage that caused havoc across the UK. Our engineer was
onsite late on Sunday and managed to rectify the issue. It was a communications
error on the primary wireless controller which caused the system to not fully
fall over so the secondary would take control or allow any AP’s to adopt. With
no intelligence within the AP’s they have to communicate to the controller in
order to work; the fall over system was tested to make sure this scenario didn’t
occur again. Monday morning came with no down time or problems.

Assist Local Firm with Barcode Implementation – August 2019

Posted by on Aug 1, 2019 in BIAS Technology News

A local firm to BIAS asked us for assistance to implement a wireless system They have no barcode infrastructure at all, but do have a partial wireless setup. The first thing BIAS did was perform a wireless survey and the result of this was that they only required one extra AP to fill a dead spot in the centre of the warehouse. The same make and model was fitted and BIAS also ran the cables (1 spare) and fully tested them to make sure they were up to a high standard. After a successful test the wireless was now fully function.

Still with no barcodes onsite BIAS were given the wireless credentials as well as the server details (webpage configuration). BIAS setup their handhelds with the latest operating system and drivers as well as software to put the device in kiosk mode and only allow Internet Explore as the only program permitted to run. The home screen was also set to the login page of the server. A scanner control program was also loaded, but left unconfigured as no barcode structure had been decided on.
The scanners were taken straight out of the box and after they had booted the login screen of the server was show. A very successful test.

We are now waiting on the system to go live in order to help them again.

Zebra VC8300 Launch – July 2019

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The VC8300 completes Zebra’s offering of Android vehicle mounted computers by a compact device with integrated full alphanumeric keyboard and 12 direct function keys.
Zebra VC8300

The VC8300 completes Zebra’s offering of Android vehicle mounted computers by a compact device with integrated full alphanumeric keyboard and 12 direct function keys.

When it comes to data input, the VC8300 offers complete flexibility. The integrated full alphanumeric keyboard gives workers the same familiar key-based interaction they use today — no change to workflow required.

Ruggedness The VC8300 comes with a unique feature set for continuous operations in freezers, cold storage and condensing environments. It has also passed the most stringent shock/vibration tests to ensure long life cycles even under the harshest conditions.
User-Interface Highest resolution and brightest display in its class. The clean and flat front of the VC8300 with its staggered PC-like keyboard allows efficient data entry and navigation in applications while being immune against catching dust or water.
Radio performance The software selectable antenna configuration allows an adjustment on site. The radio software is fully owned by Zebra and optimized for vehicle applications.
Out of the box experience The VC8300 comes with Zebra’s Mobility DNA, Velocity pre-licensed and pre-installed, and a set of Android extensions dedicated for warehouse applications.
Futureproof The VC8300 will stay up-to-date for a long time at no additional cost. With Lifeguard™ for Android, Zebra provides packages that support typical VC life cycles.
Quick release mounting within 10 seconds A 10-second quick release mount makes it easy to move the VC80x to another vehicle during vehicle maintenance or device repair.
Backward compatibility with accessories/mounting Customers can minimize costs while migrating to the latest device with a true “drop-in” replacement. The VC8300 is compatible with many accessories of legacy and current Zebra vehicle computers.
Superior voice and audio support A very loud front facing speaker and instantly accessible volume control make it easy to hear scanner feedback and app notifications. The VC8300 can be configured with an optional speaker/mic and includes Zebra’s PTT Express, a powerful free application that enables walkie-talkie style calling right out of the box.

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