Warehouse Management – Palletiser Consultation

Posted by on Jan 30, 2018 in BIAS Technology News

BIAS were contacted by a major manufacturer to help with a palletising issue that they were having. They currently had a manual procedure in place to collect product serial numbers that were loaded onto pallets so that end users had the correct record, but there were plenty of flaws in the procedure.

BIAS will be implementing a palletising and fully tracked system using a replication server, wireless and hand held scanners.

Will added benefits of user tracking, build times, pallet locations and vehicle checks and loading.


Stone Worktops and Bathroom Floors Manufacturer Consultation

Posted by on Jan 26, 2017 in BIAS Technology News

The customer requested a meeting to discuss their requirements of a hand held terminal for booking in materials, assigning materials, completing, shipping, log onsite (POD) and installing.

After lengthy discussions we had an idea of terminal they would be best suited with and we could also help with the software (even though they do have something in place, but its not developed or finalized). We would supply some demo screen shots of what they would expect at various stages.

High Street Retail DC Wireless Upgrade

Posted by on Jan 24, 2017 in BIAS Technology News

The company had always had an issue within their large bulk store, it was first highlighted back in 2012 when we did our first survey, but the need for full coverage was never required until recently.

The need for a new survey was not required as the work had already been done, but a plan of action and hardware was required. The customer had there own preferred cabling company so with that in mind we worked with them in order to cable and fit the AP’s at the same time. In fact they suggested that they could fit the AP’s a the same time. All that was needed was BIAS to configure the AP’s and commission the AP’s when completed.

The cabling took longer than anticipated so BIAS came to site on the final day to lend a hand and get the job done. All work was done and commissioned on time even though the network VLAN configuration needed some tweaking to get the data routed to the correct server.

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