On-Site Terminal Support Food Production

A customer of ours requested new terminals to work with there current Remote Desktop Connection and replace their aging Datalogic Kymans.

We suggested Motorola MC92N0 running Windows CE 7. This would allow them to connect to their new server with updated credentials and allow them to select the correct screen resolution. The terminals were supplied to their outsourced IT department to configure, but they were having serious problem getting them to work. We came on-site and configure the terminals for them which consisted of:-

  • Set up of the wireless profile, IP address and regulatory restrictions.
  • Calibration of the screen so that in persists through a cold boot.
  • Setting up the Application Manager so that the terminal is locked down into kiosk mode.
  • Auto Hiding the Task Bar.
  • Change the Back Light Time Out.
  • Configure Data Wedge.
  • Remove the Desktop Wall Paper and unused Icons.
  • Disable the SIP Keyboard.
  • Change Power Settings.
  • Set The Red key to TAB.
  • Set up an NTP Time Sync.
  • Set the Region to UK.
  • On a Cold Boot Warm boot the terminal so that regional and regulatory settings are configured correctly.

Quite a lot to do and complicated if you don’t have experience of these terminals and Windows CE as its mostly done through reg files.

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