Repairs, Wireless Survey and Demo Equipment – March 2019

BIAS originally were doing Psion XT10 and 15 repairs for a plastics manufacturing company and a few wireless issues were being reported, but there were no faults with the terminals.

BIAS suggested a wireless survey to be performed and a number of issues were reported along with suggestions. An interesting issue arose within the central picking aisle, the wireless signal would drop when the large reach trucks blocked signal propagation. This was proved with a few repeated surveys with and without the reach trucks. Also some of the aisles had no signal bleed through from other aisle and it was obvious from the dead spots at central locations.

BIAS suggested placing a dedicated AP for the central picking location with di-pole antennas and extra AP’s with direction antennas for the aisle with dead spots.

All issues were solved and since then we have also provided demo equipment (Zebra MC92NO) with a range of scan engines (1D/Long Range/Imager) and quotes for new equipment.

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