Independent mobile computing and barcoding specialists

Mobile computing and the use of barcode technology has for the past three decades been changing the way we do business, but unfortunately the Businesses Benefits and a Returns On Investment are frequently not realised due to poor knowledge and inappropriate technology selected.

We at BIAS have a wealth of knowledge encapsulating mobile technology and the barcoding industry. As such, we are well positioned to assist and advise companies through the decision making process.

Choosing the hardware is just one element in this decision making process. Not only does the chosen hardware need to provide a good Return On Investment, but it also needs to have the right features for your business.

BIAS Technology offer a comprehensive range of services that can assist companies in these areas by:

  • Providing project management, ROI calculations & assisting in procurement
  • Compiling detailed requirement documents
  • Identifying appropriate devices and technologies
  • Recommending cost effective technology that will deliver
  • Running workshops to train & educate all interested parties


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