Wireless and Terminal Survey at Pet Shop Distributor

A potential new customer requested a visit and asked if we could help them with a few things; wireless issues, new terminals suggestions, barcode label software.

The wireless issue could easily be rectified by adding a few more AP’s to pick up the dead spots. It was highlights to them that due to cable lengths they would need to move existing AP’s to cover certain isles and add the additional AP’s were the cable lengths would be minimized. They were also advised to move two AP’s that were susceptible to damage by fork lift trucks. The customer change the entire old Cisco 1200 AP’s to the same devices they had in their offices; Ubiquiti. They followed our suggestions and now the warehouse has full wireless coverage.

They currently had LXE terminals and had a requirement to use 2D barcodes. A Zebra/Motorola MC92N0 terminal was configured to connect to their telnet server and it was fully tested within the warehouse. The users found this perfect, but due to budget restriction the customer opted for a much cheaper and not as robust terminal; we still believe in the long term the MC92N0 will give a far better ROI.

The customer had a requirement to scan or enter a location and printer a range of labels. This is because their location sizes vary regularly. We designed the software to work on a windows mobile device and send eth data to a blue tooth printer. The software had an added functionality to change barcode and text size and location depending on label size.

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