Wireless Health Check and Hand Held Configuration

BIAS Technology Support is requested to go on-site by a Value Added Reseller partner in order to rectify issues with a quantity of HHP 9950 and/or its wireless network. On this occasion the end user does not require a transparent service so the service is branded as BIAS Technology Support.
The engineer finds a few issues with the HHP 9950′s; contacting the DHCP (where they have reserved IP address based on MAC address), some of the revisions of drivers are mis-matched and some software is conflicting.
The engineers suggests is that:-

  • All terminals are of the same software revision.
  • Conflicting Software is removed.
  • IP’s are set to static.
  • Changes are permanently saved onto device.
  • A full configuration document is created.

The engineer records all of the results, but is unable to configure 1 terminal due to hardware faults. This terminal is taken off site and returned within 2 days on a fast turnaround as the end user has a stock take and vital they have a working fleet.

The wireless is tested for coverage, channels, interference, roaming and traffic. Whilst no issues were found with the terminals themselves the printer they used Zebra QL420 had definite coverage issues within certain areas. BIAS Technology Support recommended the addition of 2 access points to cover poor coverage and high usage areas.

The engineer also checked that a Motorola MC9090 would function on their network. A few minor changes were made so that it connected with the correct screen size and login details the only issue that arose was with the barcode format. Details were recorded and sample labels taken so that research could be performed off-site.

A detailed report is sent to the end user and value added reseller the next day

The end user is very impressed by BIAS Technology Supports professionalism and gives us some great feedback:-

“Many thanks for all your help yesterday. I am happy to say the guns/network are significantly better this morning so we are very happy!”

“….its comforting to know we will be able to stock newer models in the future”

“Just received the gun back in as new condition, very happy and thank you for the quick turnaround once again!”

“Stock take went fantastically well! There are a few guns in circulation that are slow to scan or struggle to scan but when I pinpoint these I shall send them to you. Other than that we are extremely happy and very grateful for your visit.”

As you can see from the comments we surpassed the customer requirements. This isn’t a one off. Ask us today and we’ll supply a list of glowing references!!


– Posted By S.Pilkington-Way in BIAS News

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