Warranty Returns

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Warranty Returns

BIAS Technology Support prides itself at supporting its customers, partners and value added resellers. If something goes wrong we act upon it and make it our priority to get issued resolved as quickly as possible; we believe it’s what separates us from the competition.

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Up to Date Service Warranties

See below on the analyses of the previous year and up to date service warranties.


The Service Warranties for 2019 were fully tracked so we could continually make improvements to our services. Below shows a brief overview of what category the returned service warranty repairs (6.33%) fell into once they had been assessed by an engineer. As you can see the majority of the issues are outside of our control with only 24.67% of the 6.33% of repairs being true service warranties (1.57%)

  • No Fault Found 13.22% 13.22%
  • Physical Damage 45.39% 45.39%
  • New Faults 16.52% 16.52%
  • Service Warranty 24.87% 24.87%

Overall True Service Warranties

The final account of service warranties against the complete throughput of repairs through the service centre is as follows:-


  • Service Warranties Complete 2019 1.57% 1.57%
  • Service Warranties Current 2020 (updated 3/3/2020) 1.29% 1.29%