SLA Analysis

Measuring Results

Service Warranty Analysis

The Service Warranties for 2019 were fully tracked so we could continually make improvements to our services. Below shows a brief overview of what category the returned service warranty repairs (6.33%) fell into once they had been assessed by an engineer. As you can see the majority of the issues are outside of our control with only 24.67% of the 6.33% of repairs being true service warranties (1.57%)

  • No Fault Found 13.22% 13.22%
  • Physical Damage 45.39% 45.39%
  • New Faults 16.52% 16.52%
  • Service Warranty 24.87% 24.87%

Overall True Service Warranties

The final account of service warranties against the complete throughput of repairs through the service centre is as follows:-


  • Service Warranties Complete 2019 1.57% 1.57%
  • Service Warranties Current 2020 (updated 12/5/2020) 0.95% 0.95%

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