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At BIAS we know that it’s not just about the handheld terminals, barcode scanners and printers. It’s also about the wireless infrastructure, software, project deployment and support.

We offer a wide range of professional services backed by first class expertise. Whether it’s what seems like a small issue, procedural failure, or implementing a completely new system with in your business, we take all of your needs and requirements into account. Which enables us to work together to develop a solution that is tailored to your business requirements.


Wireless data communications allows wireless networking between desktop computers, laptops, tablet computers, cell phones and other related devices. Evaluate online casinos book of ra. The various available technologies differ in coverage range and performance, and in some circumstances users employ multiple connection types. Switching between them using connection manager software or a mobile VPN to handle the multiple connections as a secure, single virtual network..


Deployment consists of several interrelated activities with possible transitions between them. These activities can occur at our technical centre or at the consumer site, but on most occasions it will be a both. Because every hardware, or software system is unique, and the precise process or procedure within each of the activities cannot be defined. The deployment process can be orchestrate by several factors to deploy your hardware or software project. We help you define your deployment process by creating projects and then adding steps and variables to the project.


Our partners benefit from our friendly & flexible approach to providing them with bespoke systems along with training and support. Which gives our partners and their customers, tailored solutions that deliver high standards of service.

BIAS Technology are able to collaborate with partners when it comes to product integration and marketing activities.

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