Retail / Point Of Sale

Components – Hardware

EPOS Terminal


Cash Drawer




Barcode Scanner


The Basics

The modules and systems that come as default.

User Managment

With a lot of systems only having user management for backend staff the workers get overlooked. Users who are going to use the mobile terminals can be managed and edited from this module. This includes usernames, passwords, printing ID cards, enable/disable and specifying front end permissions using dedicated user groups.


The system can support multiple languages and each user can have their default language set or select from the front page. Every text item has a lookup applied to it. The modules will have to be installed and edited depending on the custom modules that have been added.


When the core of the system is to minimise user input and reduce human error reliable and repeatable barcodes are a critical part of the system.  This module supports printer groups as well and the printer settings required to enable printer communication. Currently the module is written to support any printer that uses the widely regarding industry standard of Zebra ZPL.

Dual Database

So that the system can be used across multiple platforms and servers. The management database can be kept separate from the customers live database. This means that the system can access two different databases simultaneously. The databases do not have to be the same format Microsoft SQL, MYSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc. So long as the correct database credentials are supplied by the customer.

Barcode Lables

Going hand in hand with the printer module is the Label and Label Group module. This module allows you to add RAW ZPL data with embedded variables that are replaced at the time of printing. Any module that has the labels designed for will have all the variables that can be added listed.


The web-based system can be installed on either Windows or Linux Server, and Apache or IIS. This makes the system extremely versatile. BIAS can supply a standalone server or if the customer has one onsite we can installed the necessary software and configuration to run the application.