The technical sales team at BIAS Technology specialises in supplying New, Used and Legacy equipment, even if the manufacturer has discontinued the unit or it has been re-branded.

Barcode Scanners, Mobile Computers and PDAs, come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Most have different Barcode Scanning options, from Laser & Imager based scan engines to CCD and contact scanners.

Less Down Time – More Up Time

We pride ourselves on our seamless integration services, whether you’re looking to purchase new scanners or add to your existing fleet. We will work with you to develop a roll-out-schedule so not a minute of productivity is lost.


Greater Productivity – Better ROIReturn On Investment

When customers make the choice to move into barcoding or even increase the amount of barcoding they already use, it’s almost certain their workforce will become more productive, because barcoding eliminates the time taken for the user to manually enter data and it removes the possibility for the user inputting data incorrectly.

Once your users are picking more stock, or completing more orders than they were before you implemented a barcode system, then you are either saving money or making more.





Perfect Fit!

There are so many different types of barcode scanner, barcode printer & mobile computers that figuring out which one is most suited to your business can be a difficult task. However at BIAS we’ve grown by repairing this equipment, so we literally know them inside and out, so why go anywhere else and have them suggest the wrong unit for the wrong application, when we can suggest the perfect unit for you… we’ll even explain why it’s the one you want need!









All The Required Extras

The difference between something good and something great is the attention to detail, that’s why we go the extra mile when it comes to accessories for your scanners/printers or mobile computers. We have the expert knowledge to advise what type of connection you require when plugging your units in, what additional protective covers are available as well as what you may need just to make your workforce benefit that little bit more from using barcoding equipment.









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